Bratislava – the capital of Slovakia, whose inhabitants spoke three languages and until 1919 called it Pressburg, Pozsony or Prešporok. Bratislava was a real crossroads of nations. The Danube as the main transport and trading route connects the city with neighbouring cities. Embark with us on a journey in the footsteps of the kings and queens who were crowned in Bratislava for almost three centuries, and discover why tourists come from around the world to the most visited tourist destination in Slovakia. In addition to Bratislava’s historical monuments, museums and theatres you can enjoy a trip by cable car to a panoramic restaurant or the beautiful promenade by the Danube with plenty of restaurants and cafes.


Come with us to visit the city of Nitra, located in the valley of the life-giving river bearing the same name. Visitors to the city can admire the majestic Nitra castle, formerly the largest castle in Slovakia, religious monuments, historic buildings and treasures from history kept in the museum. Nitra boasts the longest history among Slovak towns and attracts a varied selection of events throughout the year. Nitra is a university city with opportunities to enjoy oneself and it is also the home of an exhibition centre that hosts exhibitions throughout the year on a variety of topics. Lovers of hiking will get the chance to climb up Zobor to the pyramid, from where they have a magnificent view of the city and surrounding areas.


Discover the beautiful city of Košice – the second largest city in Slovakia, home to the oldest marathon in Europe, the place with the largest city preservation area in Slovakia and the largest and most important gold treasure in Europe. In the city has the largest zoo in Central Europe and the largest Slovak botanical garden in terms of area. Children and adults love the children’s railway in the Čermeľ Valley. Unique nature, rich history, unique culture, a unique city centre and exceptional people – all this and much more await visitors to the region.


Travel with us to Zvolen – one of the oldest towns in Slovakia. Zvolen Castle, a national cultural monument raised on a slight hill above the square, is one of the biggest jewels of medieval architecture in Slovakia. The former royal town gradually changed its appearance and is now a modern city that is rapidly developing and growing. It offers opportunities for hiking and sports of all kinds. Zvolen has always been a natural centre of cultural life in the region. Its festivals, musical cycles, social and sporting events in the field of culture and sport attracts people from the wider area.